The Advantages of Buying New Construction Homes

With the increasing demand of residential units, many individuals are seriously considering buying older homes from short sales, FSBOs, and foreclosures. While there is nothing wrong with purchases of this kind, it is always good to consider other options to rule out which will give the more benefits. If you are in need of a dwelling place for your family or simply wants to have an additional asset for future financial security, you should consider buying new construction homes.

Despite the cheaper prices offered by resale homes or those previously owned by other homeowners, there are many potential benefits that new construction homes can offer is customization. Because of strict competition, homebuilders are now allowing buyers to participate in the construction of their homes. They can choose the materials and pick from numerous paint palettes for interior and exterior colors. They can also suggest where to place bathrooms, vanity rooms, or perhaps what to include in the kitchen and even in the garden landscape. Buyers can now play huge roles in how they want their house to look like.

Another advantage that comes packed with new construction homes is greater energy efficiency. This translates to being more conformed to energy efficiency standards set forth by the governing bodies. As compared to older homes, a home buyer can expect up to 17% more compliant to these standards than homes which were constructed several years ago. As a result, newly-erected homes have more efficient ways to prevent warm air from escaping the house during cold months of the year.

Because new construction homes are built according to user specifications and with the use of new and standard materials, home buyers can find relief in fewer repairs. As with older homes, fixes and repairs can surface one after another like flickering paints, damaged sinks, broken windows, and so on. Expect these things to come in a decade or perhaps more years when you buy newly constructed homes.

Fire-proofing is something that many homeowners want of their homes. But this is a feature that is barely available with homes that are built several years ago. Majority of homes on short sales and foreclosures may be lacking with the fire-proofing features you need. But you can find them in new construction homes. Insulations and carpets commonly include fire-retardant characteristics. Hard wired smoke detectors which operate through electricity are installed on strategic places of the house. They are far more beneficial than battery-operated types which fail when the device runs out of charged battery.

New construction homes are greatly available in Parkland through various developers. There are new communities and neighborhoods that are currently in development. Grab the opportunity to obtain your dream house. Often times, you can avail of great financing schemes to help you buy the new home you want. Home builders commonly have these programs to help you lighten up your paying obligations.

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Bringing Your Dreams To Life With New Construction Homes

New construction homes offer many distinct advantages over older ones. While purchasing a residence that has had a previous owner might be easier than constructing a building from the ground up, you should take a patient approach when making your next investment. Older buildings can develop structural problems over time that may cause their value to decrease. On the other hand, newly constructed properties are in the best condition they’ll ever be in. Spend a good deal of time researching the pros and cons of building your next residence, and you’ll be more likely to make the best decision for your family.

Sometimes, the cost of buying a property currently on the market is actually greater than that associated with building. However, there are good deals on existing structures out there for those who know where to look. Also, consider the state of the housing market when deciding on the type of investment you should make. In a seller’s market, moving into a newly constructed residence will probably offer more value in return. The land on which you build is also a deciding factor in the value of your house, so you should consider every option when looking to purchase property.

Once you have a suitable lot for your next investment, it’s time to begin working with a contractor who can bring your vision to life. Some homeowners want properties that are programmed to suit their routines. Other investors want to create aesthetically stunning spaces where they will spend their time. The design process should be thorough and painstaking, and you should refer to drawings or renderings of your residence before work begins. The beauty of new construction homes is in their ability to be customized, so have fun and maybe consult a professional designer when deciding on the finer details.

Over the years, building codes have become stricter to ensure newly built properties are able to withstand the test of time. Older residences may be poorly insulated or exhibit structural problems. Investing in new construction homes means your money will be spent on materials that offer superior durability and performance. This is one of the reasons investing in a newly constructed residence is a better investment than an older home. A building with a previous owner might require a series of renovations to boost its energy efficiency and get it back into top form.

Lastly, finding the right building company is a crucial step when you’re looking to construct a new property. Ask any prospective contractors for references and make sure they’re on the same page with you in terms of design and budgeting. It’s important to maintain a clear line of communication through every phase of your project. The extra time and energy you spend in the design and building phases will be in a deciding factor in how your property’s value increases or decreases over the years. Whether you’re looking to purchase your very first property, or you’re finally ready to build your dream home, make sound investment decisions.

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Top 4 Reasons to Waterproof New Construction

Don’t sink your building projects before they start. Be thoughtful and careful about waterproofing your new construction project. Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage and is a problem that buildings face year round. When undergoing a new construction project, you will want to make sure every stage goes off without a hitch. Waterproofing will ensure protection, piece of mind, and is essential to a successful project.

#1 – Protect Your Building’s Interior from Water Damage

While construction is underway, the site is going to be exposed to the elements. The frames, foundations, wiring, insulation, and floors will inevitably be at the mercy of the weather. If you’re using concrete and steel the hazard is less prominent, but the wooden materials is where the dangers of water really become more hazardous. Prolonged exposure to water will allow wood to begin to rot, become infested with mold, or render the entire structure unsound and unfit for use.

Waterproofing your building materials during construction will help prevent this from occurring. This will also promote a strong start to your project. As you’ll be better protecting your materials from damage, it also prevents expensive delays and replacements, as you will not need to be repairing continuous damage either during construction or after it has been completed.

#2 – Promote Long-Term Comfort and Sustainability

Waterproofing your new construction site early helps you to start sealing it off more efficiently than trying to it after building has finished. The measures taken help reduce moisture in the interior of the building, which makes it more comfortable to live in, while also providing a foundation for further work later on.

Some permeability is desirable in the building to let humidity building up inside the structure to escape, however the trick is allowing this while still keeping the moisture out. Such measures are easier to achieve as the building is being constructed. After the fact, you’ll probably require expensive reconstruction work to fit it all in properly. Thinking about this early can help prevent headaches about the matter later.

#3 – Prevent Future Flooding

Basements in particular are vulnerable to moisture seeping in. Water soaks through the soil and quickly leaks through cracks and fissures within the concrete, which can lead to flooding as well as mold and mildew. During the winter, this moisture will then freeze, causing it to expand and force the cracks open wider and making the problem worse. Eventually, the entire basement could be rendered unsafe.

As the basement is being built, it is essential to take steps to keep them waterproof and seal them off from moisture. Be sure to protect the foundations of the building as well, as doing so will promote the long-term stability of the structure.

#4 – Save Money Long-Term

Waterproofing is a long-term investment that makes money during the building’s lifetime. Much like installing insulation or double-glazed windows, waterproofing your new construction is a measure undertaken for the future, and will quickly save you money in the long run.

Think about things in this way: would you rather invest money now in a strong, secure building that requires minimal repairs from water damage caused by leaking basements and walls, or have to fork out cash for those repairs continuously for the rest of time?

Further, do you want to run the risk of losing the building entirely because water damage has rendered it uninhabitable? Build your structures on stone, not on sand. Build for the future, and you will be better prepared for when the rain comes.

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New Construction Incorporates Green Methods

Since the financial crash of 2008 one of the major changes that has taken place on the home building industry has been the rise of the green building in new construction. In 2011 the green segment of the market accounted for 17% of all construction projects with an economic impact of $17,000,000,000. In 2013 this rose to $87,000,000,000. Green buildings, also known as sustainable buildings, are designed to incorporate building processes and materials that are resource and energy efficient. Because of the long history of standard house design and construction methods, the new goal of going green requires the cooperation and feedback from not only the architects and engineers but also the end user at all stages of the building process.

The goals of more efficiency that are being demanded by consumers are being helped by the development of new technologies that complement current practices. Some of the new practices that are being implemented are more efficient use of water, energy and other resources. Other items of concern for builders are homeowner health and the reduction of waste and pollution in the building process.

One method that is being put into practice to achieve this is new construction using natural materials. One of the materials of choice that is being widely used is the straw bale. Straw is a material that is widely available and modestly priced. If you use straw bales as the material of choice in your home, after they are placed they can be sealed with plaster or adobe to help increase the bales structural integrity. Another common design is the Earth Ship. This housing unit uses discarded automobile and truck tires that are packed with earth. After they are packed the tires are then formed into the house shell, which can then be covered with adobe or plaster for additional structural integrity. Many of these Earth Ship homes also use plain dirt and grass for the roof structures. This type of structures emphasizes the green goal of using sustainable resources and reducing the environmental impact of standard construction techniques.

Although these types of structure can seem extreme to some, it is a viable subset of this whole movement. This movement has also had an impact on standard construction practices. New construction techniques may not embrace these types of materials but they have embraced and are utilizing more energy efficient electrical appliances, water and heating systems. One of the big shifts in this area is the use of appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and HVAC systems that are Energy Star rated. Energy Star is a government organization and an Energy Star rating will give prospective buyers an insight into how the new construction ranks in terms of overall energy efficiency.

This concept of sustainable development and efficiency can be traced back to not only the financial crisis of 2008 but also the explosion of energy prices worldwide. Green building today incorporates many different practices, techniques, and innovations that are designed to achieve its goals. These innovations can include passive and active solar systems for energy production and heat to the use of low impact building materials in the construction process. Even though going green is still in its infancy it holds out great promise.

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New Construction – Building Your New Home

When you’re building your new home you need to be sure that the construction plan is not only sound but that you’re getting a good deal. Building a new home can easily be turned into a remarkable deal with high investment potential. You want to be sure that the new construction is done well and that if you decide to sell the home, you’ll get the most out of your initial investment as soon as possible.

There are various home construction companies that offer competitive pricing. Check with each individual company and discuss their overall time-table for completing the project. While you definitely want time-lines, but be wary of companies that give you an unrealistic time frame for completing your new home. Ask for references and look at the properties that they have built in the past. It’s important that you find out exactly how long the company has been offering residential construction and then ask to see some of their earliest properties. This gives you a general idea about how well their construction will hold up over time, especially when you compare multiple companies.

Be willing to make compromises on your new home construction if necessary. Sometimes even really great design ideas are not really practical to fit into a realistic construction plan. If the contractor feels that a part of the home’s design is going to cause instability or is likely to become unstable during a storm or under the weight of snow then you have two choices. You can either make the compromise or you can try to find a builder who disagrees. However, if you find more than one builder who is not convinced the design plan is going to be stable, how comfortable are you going to be with every weather event that blows through? Choosing a Realtor with prior new home construction expertise will be invaluable as you begin the home building process.

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